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Romans - Week 1

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Home Groups

6th, 7th, 8th Grade Boys / The Backyard / Contact Leader

6th Grade Girls / Gomez’s / Contact Leader

7th Grade Girls / Wilson’s / Contact Leader

8th Grade Girls / Kelsy Hickingbottom / Contact Leader

9th Grade / Corona’s / Contact Leader (not meeting 5/27)

9th Grade / Whiteside’s / Contact Leader (not meeting 5/27)

10th Grade / Petty’s / Contact Leader

10th Grade / Wood’s / Contact Leader

11th Grade / Melikian’s / Contact Leader

12th Grade / Nail’s / Contact Leader

12th Grade / Wampler’s / Contact Leader

The Loft in Homes

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This summer is already off to an interesting start. In a world where schools are canceling and we haven’t met in The Loft in a number of weeks, we are becoming increasingly eager to be together again. In a normal summer, we’d spend much of it traveling, and on the Wednesdays that we’re here we would do summer events while focusing all of our Bible teaching to Sunday mornings.

However, with having our semester cut short in person, we want to be able to come back together again this summer, even if that means only being together in our small group settings. Primarily, because we believe that the Body of Christ needs to meet together. It is spiritually and emotionally fulfilling to play together, study the Word together, and have conversations about Jesus.

So, starting May 27, all of our Wednesday night small groups that meet at The Loft, will come together for 12 weeks in a study through the highlights of Romans. Each Wednesday night, our home groups will begin at 6pm and end at 7:30. You can find our group locations at the home listed on our webpage. If you have a question you can contact that group leader via email, but most leaders should have been in contact with their students to let them know their address and details on meetings.

As a student ministry we desire to create safe environments for all of our teenagers and that is proving to be more necessary than ever. We have asked our small group ministers to make sure their homes are the safest environment for teenagers to hear the Gospel and meet with their friends. The following are the guidelines we are asking students and adults to abide by over the course of the summer.

Home Group Guidelines

  • Students will wash hands upon getting to their Home Group, during their time there as necessary, and upon leaving.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available as needed.
  • Groups are asked to not serve food or drinks communally. They are allowed to offer individually packaged snacks and drinks. Each student is advised to bring their own water bottle.
  • Groups are asked to spend most, if not all of their time outdoors for hanging out and conversation as to have a better opportunity to maintain proper social distancing.
  • In regards to social distancing we ask our leaders and teenagers to not touch one another via hug, high five, handshake, etc. and maintain 6ft apart as much as possible
  • Some groups will have the opportunity to swim, where we will ask that the guidelines of social distance are abided even in the pool or lake.
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