Excited to Share

How does it work?

Each Sunday, your Sunday Small Group will go through a portion of the curriculum (see below). Pastor Ross will also have a sermon each Sunday that goes along with the week’s lesson.

During the week you will meet with your Sodality and view a short video lesson (listed on this page each week) and engage in disussion and application.


Getting Started

If you are not part of a Sunday Small Group or a Sodality, start here:

  1. Find a Sunday Small Group by stopping by the Connection Center on Sunday or by filling out this form.

  2. Ask the Leader of the Sunday Small Group to place you in a Sodality. If you don’t get a chance to ask your leader, you can fill out this form and we will get you placed in a Sodality.

  3. Meet the Leader of the Sodality and give him/her your contact info.

  4. Be Ready for Excited to Share Launch on February 9.

Small Group Curriculum

Physical books will be passed out during Sunday Small Groups on February 2 and will be available in the church office. If you would like an electronic copy or to get started on your first week, you can download the book below.

Sodality Discussion Questions

Here is a comprehensive list of discussion questions for each week. They coincide with the videos listed below.

Sodality Videos

Week 1: February 9-15

Excited to Share - Week 1 on Youtube

Week 2: February 16-22

Excited to Share - Week 2 on Youtube

Week 3: February 23-29

Excited to Share - Week 3 on Youtube

Week 4: March 1-7

Excited to Share - Week 4 on Youtube

Week 5: March 8-14

Excited to Share Week 5 on Youtube

Week 6: March 15-21

Excited to Share: Week 6 on Youtube

Week 7: March 22-28

Excited to Share: Week 7 on Youtube
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